Romae Zekavica

Owner and Creative Lead of Grace Florals

I am originally from Zimbabwe, hence my love for all things dried and wild florals. I started Grace Florals in November 2019 and it is a complete labour of love. After creating the table arrangements for my own wedding, I felt inspired to pursue a career in floristry. I am a self taught florist who loves to experiment and don’t shy away from trying new things. I’m always learning and passionate about celebrating flowers in all stages of life and that is how my dried home florals came about. Nothing in my work space is wasted, waste not, want not. Flowers or foliage left from fresh orders are used in my dried arrangments wherever possible.

Everything i create is to Glorify God with His beautiful creations which often times reminds me again of how amazing He is. All the arrangements i create are completely from my heart and i hope to bring joy to customers homes, events or weddings through my creations.

Behind Grace Florals

Behind this business is my wonderful husband Luke and two kids, Lalo and Isla. They are my driving force, my encouragement and a big part of the vision I have for my business. This business would not exist without them.